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The Veteran Carpenters


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When we first visited the Bumaena community we met some retired Ugadan soldiers, 'the Veterans.' They had started to help some of the young men in the community by teaching them ways they could use their time well to construct useful items for the community. 

The Veteran' taught the young men how use the branches of trees and a few nails to make into chairs which were simple but functional. They lacked the tools for working in sawn wood but they had the knowledge. Afrinspire was about in inject about 60 pounds in order for them to buy some proper wood and arranged for some extra carpentry tool kits with the advice that when they made chairs and sold them the proceeds should be reinvested into buying more wood so as to develop the work for the future rather than unsustainably spend all the profit.  One year later, during our next visit, we were so encouraged to see the progress they had mde from chair making to bed frames, the business were clearly growing.


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