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Shuuku Vocational Secondary School


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Established in Kabowohe, Uganda in 2001, this school has done important work for young people in the region, where school fees make continuing education prohibitively expensive.

It has combined O-Level academic studies in arts and sciences with vocational skills training, including carpentry and tailoring. From a start in 2002 with only 22 pupils, the Director of Shuuku has seen the school grow to 900 pupils. It attracts students from up to 60 kilometers away because of its good results.

Afrinspire has supported it from the beginning with computers, carpentry tools and sewing machines. Cooking classes and basic vocational skills training were also supported by Afrinspire. In 2013, Afrinspire passed on a vehicle, which was the only means of transport to this remote school. The teachers have also received some training from visitng teachers from the UK.

One Afrinspire supporter collected band instruments from around East Anglia to supply the School Band.

“Afrinspire is doing extraordinary work in the community of Uganda.   Myself and the school and community around, we have changed since beginning our partnership with Afrinspire due to the assistance given in managing the school.”

James Mugume Klear, Director of Shuuku Vocational Secondary School.

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