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People with Disabilities in Development


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In 2006 Anne Kobusingye set up PDDO as a community organisation in Kabale District. Afrinspire has been its major sponsor. Upon being elected as the representative for the disabled people of Kabale district, Anne began to get involved in lobbying and advocating for the fundamental human rights of the disabled, as well as equipping them with the knowledge and skills to improve their own lives. In practical terms, this has meant the provision of functional literacy classes, computer skills training, health education, training in agriculture and animal husbandry, and encouraging the parents of disabled children to send them to school.

Among other things, PDDO has arranged for the provision of wheelchairs to those who need them in Kabale. This has been part of abroader move towards capacity building and eventually self-reliance among the disabled people of the area. They have long had to endure poverty, stigmatisation and isolation, and PDDO is attempting to alleviate this. Having built up a strong network of disabled people in towns, Anne Kobusingye began to push for an outreach programme to reach those in the mountains. PDDO is very strong and efficient at fieldwork, mobilising the disabled in the mountainous rural areas around Kabale and delivering needed equipment.

PDDO works with the Foundation of People with Disabilities (FPD). Afrinspire has supported disabled people in southwest Uganda since 2002, including by the funding of medical operations, orthotic shoes and appliances, education, VSO volunteer placements, conferences, and special needs education. The FPD is unique in southwest Uganda, in that they have an orthopaedic workshop for making prosthetic limbs, special shoes, and many other applicance needed by the disabled. Afrinspire has supported this workshop since 2003. 

"In Uganda there are national programmes to help people with disability but they don't reach people. I therefore resolved to reach Ugandans with disabilities in my district"

Anne, PDDO founder

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