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Mount Elgon Community Development Organisation


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The Manafwa Elgon Community Development Organisation (MECDO) is a Christian organisation linked to the Bukhaleke Baptist Church, which aims to empower the people of Manafwa through education, stewardship and social economic initiative towards holistic development.

Between 2018 and 2019 MECDO constructed 17 spring wells and 6 water tanks in unreached places. Such aimed to support the most vulnerable in the community. Afrinspire has supported MECDO since 2014 through donations which finance the construction of such.

In June 2019, Afrinspire's donations helped to complete the construction of the classroom and a latrine at the MECDO Nursery School. We also supported the purchasing of internal furniture and further school materials.

"Overall, Afrinspire as an organisation is effective because it listens to local people. As opposed to big organisations which are largely detached from the people and the communities they are partnering with, Afrinspire operates ‘on the ground’"

Michael Namanyo

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