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Matuwa Primary & Nursery School


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The village of Lukhonge in Mbale district, eastern Uganda, suffers from a high prevalence of orphaned or abandoned children. There are over 2.4 million orphaned children in Uganda, the majority of whom orphaned by HIV/AIDS (Uganda Poverty Status Report, 2010). In response to the pressing needs of local orphans, the Lukhange Yetana Group, a group of women in the local community who are engaged in poverty alleviation, took action to establish the Mutuwa Nursery and Primary School in 2004. 

Due to popular demands from parents, the school has grown from a small nursery class to a primary school. The growing attendance indicates the school's success in encouraging more families to send their children for formal education. It has grown to become a trusted institution providing quality education for ninety-six children, of which thirty-one are orphans. Mutuwa equips children with the basic knowledge and skills which will help them compete equally with others, and thus advocates self-reliance. Mutuwa also encourages community service, allowing children to develop into productive and responsible citizens.

Afrinspire has identified Mutuwa as a key partner because of the quality of care, education, vision, and attitude of the founder and teachers, and the evident support from the local communities. Afrinspire sponsors children's school fees, which in turn can be managed by the school as part of their budget.

"This year Afrinspire was chosen to be the recipient of 75% of charity money raised through ticket sales of the Cambridge University College May Balls. Matuwa was chosen to be the

main beneficiary of the money raised."

Afrinspire Newsletter, 2014 

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