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Mama Janes Childrens Care Centre


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Mama Jane's Children's Care Centre is a charitable non-governmental organisation. It was established by the late Ms Jane Babirye who saw a great need to help African children after the effects of the liberation wars in Uganda. 

During these wars many children lost their parents and became homeless. Mama Jane's provides a home, shelter, education and an environment of love and care which aims to equip children with valuable life skills.

Afrinspire assists in supporting Mama Jane's Care Centre in Jinja, Uganda, in providing a food, shelter and protection for ninety-five vulnerable children. This relationship has been built and maintained since 2003. Donations have supported the installation of solar panels and a system to collect rainwater. This saves a lot of cost to the orphanage. The dormitories and playground facilities have also been improved for the children.

The orphanage in Jinja Uganda was founded in the 70's. Hundreds of thousands of people have died under the former government. Many children have been orphaned. Mama Jane took care of them.

Mama Jane Children Care Centre