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Let God Be You


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This organisation aims to empower girls and women by building their capacity to live their full human potential. 

LGBY faces challenges caused by Tanzania's government's economic policies. These have made business operation much more difficult for young entrepreneurs, for example through expensive licenses. Relying on community resources, LGBY supports the Community Educational and Training Centre to aid youth who are out of school and living in poverty.

They provide courses such as Food Preparation, End User Computer and English. It aims to help people generate their own revenues and sustain themselves. They aim to enable underprivileged youth to participate in the labour market and community. Afrinspire supports this effort through donations which help provide assistance to individuals struggling to keep their businesses afloat. They have also donated desktop computers to this organisation, which enhance the quality of training in the main centre.

LGBY aims to provide business training and other skills to the youth in communities. At the moment, the greatest need is in the department of tools like computers and sewing machines, which can be used in the skills training sessions. Out of the 85 youths taking a 3-month Bridge course programme in 2019, 35 beneficiaries have passed the intervention successfully and reached the minimum competency requirements in different programmes.  Many of these beneficiaries are now self-employed and others attend internships in different workplaces.

"Afrinspire has been a part of our family for many years now, we thank you in advance for all the support you have provided and contribute to our growth in community service"

Operation Director, LGBY Foundation

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