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Kaharo Tree Planting and Food Multiplication


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In 1992 Rev. Guster Bashaija initiated the Food Multiplication Project.The aim of the Kaharo Tree Planting and Food Multiplication Programme (KTPFM) is to encourage improvement of each homestead with water supplies, grafted trees, poultry, bee hives, environmental management and better animal husbandry.  

Kaharo and Rwancereere are villages in South-Western Uganda very near the Rwandan border. Both places are mountainous and there is no electricity and running water. One big problem is tree- and soil erosion. Trees are essential in many respects, such as providing charcoal for cooking, firewood for backing bricks, timber for carpentry and building and prevention of soil erosion. A consequence of soil erosion is lack of variety of foods and thus malnutrition. Staple foods are Irish potatoes and beans.

Since 1997, Afrinspire has partnered with KTPFM. Through close partnership with friends in the UK and AFRINSPIRE, Guster has already initiated many community development projects such as building water tanks, a primary school, sponsoring orphans and reconstruction of the church. By 2018, 2000 grafted avocado trees were distributed. Afrinspire sponsored 500 of these. Afrinspire has also given £97 towards 100 chicks for Joyce Bashaija and Emily Matisko to establish their own business.This not only enables the villagers to buy eggs locally and cheaper than in town, but also enables people to establish their own business.

"Because I was in a remote area, I couldn’t have done much, so without Afrinspire I wouldn’t have started this work. Afrinspire came when others couldn’t reach us.”

Guster Bashaija of Kaharo Tree Planting and Food Multiplication.

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