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Agency for Integrated Development and Training Services


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AIDTS was founded in 1987 by Nkamuhebwa Willy and is a registered non-governmental organisation.The mission of the organisation is capacity building for sustainable development through the provision of development training and research services to NGOs, CBOs, Government institutions and the private sector. 

AIDTS worked in partnership with Afrinspire to construct and equip the establishment of a Development Studies Centres (DSC) in Kakoba, Mbarara. This opened officially in January 2008. The DSC provides a wide range of services including a resource centre and public library, a computer training centre, research services and training services (both in-house and open programmes). The DSC provides courses for post-secondary students with a clear focus upon helping them to find employment. The DSC is also used regularly for conferences and seminars, including the African Young Leaders Conferences. Since 2016 Afrinspire has been funding English Language classes at the DSC for Burundian refugees, alongside providing them with assistance to start up small businesses.

"We share and believe in the values and vision of Afrinspire. Together we can acheieve a lot. They listen to Africans” 

Nkamuhebwa Willy of the Agency for Integrated Development and Training Services.

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