Jaguza Children


Jaguza Childcare Initiative is based in the suburbs of Kampala, Uganda. It was formed in 1994 and legally registered in 2007. It focuses on ensuring basic education to orphaned children and improving in the capacity of the well-being of care-takers. 

The Initiative's Strategic Plan (2018-2023) aims to increase the integrated support system for orphans and vulnerable children through vocational skills training and educational support. It provides support to those most vulnerable within the community, enabling them to pursue primary and secondary education. It also seeks to support elderly grandparents who may have reached an unproductive phase of life but are essential in providing a home and guardianship to their grandchildren.

Afrinspire sponsors children in the Jaguza Childcare Initiative through regular donations which are used to fund school fees and materials. Such materials include uniforms, hardcover books, pens, rulers and pencils. For the the year of 2019, twelve children were sponsored in this way by Afrinspire's donors.

“Many children in our program have experienced trauma. Through our partnership with Afrinspire, they are not only able to go to school, but, more importantly, experience love."

Jaguza Childcare

AFRINSPIRE is a UK registered charity which supports African initiatives in development and poverty reduction in East Africa. Working closely with community leaders to understand development needs we tailor our support to meet their requirements.


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