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Issac is a Computer Science graduate from Makereere University in Kampala and Jules is an IT consultant who was trained at the first cyber-cafe in Gitega using computers supplied by Afrinspire.

Afrinspire has been supplying second-hand computers to African organizations for 20 years. Over 3,000 have been placed in Africa. We are not concerned with  bulk-shipping or the quantity shipped, but rather with the people who use and receive them. To this end we have created a computer users group for those who look after and run the computer centres which we have equipped. The group have technician's workshops which occur regularly. Some of our leading technicians are Isaac Omoding in Uganda and Nkurunziza Jules in Burundi. By moving around the sites to make assessments and running workshops they pass on knowledge and support the technicians in each place. The first computers from Afrinspire reached Burundi in 2010 and established the first cyber café in Gitaga in the main square of the town centre. The café was run by Jules and two other volunteers who maintained the PCs and trained clients to use the Internet.

A further shipment to Burundi was used by SOEDC to set up a training centre where young men and women can attend computer literacy lessons conducted by Jules. Additional shipments have been used by Jules to create a new centre in Karuzi province taking computer literacy to a new area.


AFRINSPIRE is a UK registered charity which supports African initiatives in development and poverty reduction in East Africa. Working closely with community leaders to understand development needs we tailor our support to meet their requirements.


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