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"Light Shallow Well" A new shallow borehole delivering clean water for a Community in Eastern Uganda

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

We were delighted to be able to help a rural community in the Busia District of Eastern Uganda with the construction of a shallow well. Members of the Light Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) Group asked us to support them in building the "Light Shallow Well". It was estimated to serve over 90 adults and almost 700 children in the village. As well as receiving funding from Afrinspire, the group worked with the local community and was able to obtain local contributions of labour and materials.

A shallow well is created by digging deep into the shallow groundwater table. Large culvert

pipes are lowered into position and surrounded with gravel, creating a well. It is capped with a large circular slab of concrete which serves to protect and keep the water source clean from contamination. To the centre of the circular slab is fitted a hand pump into a pre-fitted tube through the slab. This community is creating a shallow borehole, being one less than 50 feet deep and some technical know-how which compare the types of bore-hole can be found at

The well was completed at the end of October and the community are already reaping benefits. Not only do local residents now have a consistent supply of clean, safe water, but they no longer have to make long daily journeys to obtain it. Such journeys can be dangerous for the young girls who often carry out this task. The well is improving their safety as well as saving them valuable time to spend on other tasks.

Access to safe water is Goal 6 of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, and

Afrinspire is delighted to be able to help with provision of this valuable resource. If you'd like to donate to one of our clean water projects, click here.

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