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Afrinspire Young Leaders in Dar E Salam

Updated: Nov 15, 2019


The fourth annual training conference for the 'Let God Be You' organisation was held in Dar E Salam, Tanzania. The invitation and conference language was Swahili, and the theme was 'Yes, We Can'.

This training is an extension of the Afrinspire Young Leader's Conference, which takes place annually in Uganda. Two of the peers in the Afrinspire's Young Leaders network, Issac Omoding and Robert Ssebuliba, made the 30 hour bus journey to Dar E Salam from Kampala to lead the conference. Isaac is a regular visitor to LGBY and to the youth there he is the face of Afrinspire.

The conference took place over 3 days, after which Robert and Isaac went to review the watermelon and soap projects started in previous years.

Updates on this news story will be provided as reports come through. For now, we wish Isaac and Robert well in their long journey back home over this weekend.

Let God Be You is an organisation set up in the small town of Temeke in Dar e Salam with the stated aim of "empowering vulnerable youth with skills, education and training". The organisation focuses on mentoring young people and training them in skills that can help them create small business that will allow them to support themselves financially. It also has a program for single mothers. The organisation is run by the youth themselves.


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