AFRINSPIRE is a UK registered charity which supports African initiatives in development and poverty reduction in East Africa. Working closely with community leaders to understand development needs we tailor our support to meet their requirements.


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Sustainable Agri Farmers Initiative Africa

Paul Kyalimpa is an experienced agriculturalist, farmer and trainer from Uganda. He has a Master's Degree in Agriculture, but most importantly has put into practice and tried out many of the ideas for improvement put forward by academics.

Paul has a medium sized working farm in the area of Kyenjojo, Uganda, wich demonstrates everything from organic compost and pesticides, bee-keeping, best planting methods, conservation farming and contouring to cow rearing, fish ponds and bio-gas production. He has published a book of these practiced methods in sustainable agriculture and also delivers basic training to communities around Uganda and Tanzania. Paul makes repeated visits to these communities so at to nourotur best practice from farmers in different settings and always adapting the knowledge to gain the best local effect. Typically twenty five farmers are trained in a group, or a set of farm leaders are trained to help a wider group.