Members of the ACSS Committee went on Afrinspire's summer field trip to Uganda.

Afrinspire Cambridge Student Society - bringing students and international development together

Afrinspire is proud to be supported by its student society – the Afrinspire Cambridge Student Society (ACSS). ACSS has been running since 2011, working hard to organise fundraisers to support Afrinspire’s work in Africa and holding interesting events for its members and others with an interest in charitable work and international development. Its members become Afrinspire's voice within the University.


ACSS organise a variety of fundraising events throughout the year, from ceilidhs and pub quizzes to formals. Being involved with ACSS’s fundraising activities is a great way to contribute directly to the lives and well-being of people as they seek to leave poverty behind. It’s also a good opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of both events planning and fundraising. The students of the University have contributed tremendous amounts to Afrinspire's work - notably by fundraising for Matuwa Primary School in Mbale in Eastern Uganda, by selecting Afrinspire as a May Ball Charity, raising enough money for two classrooms to be built. 

There are a number of roles on offer at our Cambridge office, including administrative, fundraising and communications. Volunteers are invaluable to supporting the
work that Afrinspire carries out on the ground in East Africa. As well as this, Afrinspire offers several exciting full-time internship opportunities a year.

Raising awareness

As well as raising funds to support Afrinspire’s work with African partners, ACSS also hosts numerous events designed to raise awareness and stimulate debate regarding development, poverty and inequality in Africa. Throughout the year ACSS will organise or contribute to debates, speaker events and conferences. These events are a great chance to develop your own knowledge of the realities of life in poverty, the potential to escape it and the most effective development strategies to do so. 

Uganda Fieldtrip

Every July Ian, founder of Afrinspire, takes a group of students to Uganda to visit many of the projects supported by Afrinspire and ACSS. Student groups typically visit around 15 projects and students play a vital role during the trip, collecting data about the projects, their progress and their challenges. Students are able to witness grassroots development initiatives and Afrinspire's engagement with its African partners. Many volunteers have also used this incredible opportunity to collect data on which they have based their dissertations or medical electives. This is highlight of ACSS’s calendar and is a rare opportunity to observe and gain first-hand experience in the development process. An inspiring feature of the trip is the annual Afrinspire Young Leaders' Conference, first established by two Cambridge University students in 2013. The aim of the conference is to draw young leaders from across regions with Afrinspire connections to put forward innovative project ideas, which will promote job creation and community development.   If you'd like to find out more about this wonderful opportunity, please contact our office.


Involvement with ACSS doesn’t have to stop when you graduate, and in several cases, membership has had a considerable impact on the future careers of our members. Previous members have gone on to become trustees of the charity and many of our office volunteers and interns have gone on to have careers in international development following their experiences with Afrinspire.

Get involved!


ACSS recruits new members every year at the Cambridge freshers' fair, so come find us there on 4th and 5th October 2016 to discover more!

If you're interested in getting involved at any stage, please contact our office or ACSS 2016/2017 Committee President Gracelin Baskaran. 

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