Several Cambridge University students have utilised the Summer Field Visit to Uganda as a means of collecting data for their undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations. We are proud to see Afrinspire's work contributing to academic research. Please take a look at the authors and titles below, plus read some of their fascinating findings.

If you wish to use any of the material found in the dissertations on this page, please acknowledge both the individual author and Afrinspire. All intellectual property rights belong to the authors.


Michaela with Rita

Michaela (left), pictured here on the Cam with Rita Mijumbi of Uganda Development Services

Michaela Collord: graduated in 2012

"Ugandan women's political mobilisation: 'United we stand; divided we fall' - Women's representatives' 'gendered politics' in Uganda's multiparty parliament"

Michaela carried out research amongst women MPs in Uganda. She has since returned to Uganda to take part in the Women in Parliament Network.

Please click here to read Michaela's full dissertation.


Richard Ewers: graduated in 2012


 "Playing the way to development? Football participation and social inclusion"

 Richard, through Afrinspire, made connections with Revolution Uganda, an indigenous organisation utilising football as a catalyst for development among rural communities. He investigated and analysed this concept in the context of his geography degree.

 Please click here to read Richard's complete dissertation.





Lucy Johnson: graduated in 2013

"Community Development through Women's Self-Help Groups, Mbarara Uganda"

Lucy explored the role of Women's Self-Help Groups, which seek the alleviation of poverty and the empowerment of women, in the development of communities in the Mbarara District of Uganda. The pilot study cited in Lucy's dissertation took place on the Afrinspire Summer field trip in 2012.

Please click here to read Lucy's complete dissertation.


Boram Kim: graduated in 2013

Boram"Models of Sustainable Domestic Rainwater Harvesting (DRWH) System Delivery in Rural Uganda"

Boram visited Uganda on the Summer 2012 field trip. Based on the research she gathered working with Afrinspire, she has investigated the critical success factors, and the business models used, for the implementation of rainwater-harvesting technologies for domestic water supply.

Please click here to read Boram's complete dissertation.





Greg Felter:  graduated in 2013

"Water Supply Challenges in Cities as a Result of Urbanization"

Greg visited Kampala in June 2013 and Afrinspire partners supported his data collection initiative around the city. Greg said, "It goes without saying that my trip out there would not been impossible without the help of [Afrinspire's] contacts."

Greg's complete dissertation may be read here, and a short summary of his research as published in The Cambridge Engineer, here.