Women's Groups and Conferences

Celebrations at our women's conference

Afrinspire recently organised a women’s conference to discuss economic improvement.

The second Afrinspire Women’s Conference took place in January 2010, where we brought women from all over Africa to discuss ‘The empowerment of women in a male dominated society’.

The delegates were leaders of local, regional and national groups from Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan and Burundi, who were themselves responsible for planning and delivering the conference.

During the conference, the women pooled their knowledge and discussed their experiences of forming groups which seek empowerment. Empowerment was considered as a process involving information, skills, links to others, and personal transformation.

Delegates proposed that Afrinspire should consider forming a ‘Women’s Enterprise Development Programme’ with four aims:

- To train female leaders in enterprise creation.

- To provide information on enterprise development.

- To set up a revolving enterprise loan fund providing start-up grants.

- To encourage spiritual transformation.


After the conference, delegates reported that it had been a significant time of sharing, voicing and understanding the issues African women face. It also affected the women personally - one lady reflected that 'the training and conference left a big impact in my life'.

Afrinspire helps these women to return to their communities with new knowledge, skills and ideas which they can use in ongoing development of the empowerment initiatives we support.