Job Creation and Enterprise


One of Afrinspire's most important activities is the support of indigenous initiatives which promote entrepreneurship and create jobs in Africa. We provide training in vocational skills to help disadvantaged people find employment, and also ship equipment to support projects which create jobs and disseminate useful skills.

Sewing at SDKF


Vocational training

Setting Development and Keeping the Foundation, SDKF, is an organisation which helps poor and marginalised youths in the Ugandan capital of Kampala to gain vocational skills. One training programme offers the chance for young people to learn clothes design and tailoring skills – once they have gained these vocational skills, they can achieve economic security for themselves and their families without further investment from SDKF, meaning that this strategy is sustainable.

The youths which SDKF helps face a truly desperate situation. The AIDS pandemic has killed countless parents, leading to many children, often orphans, dropping out of school in order to support their extended families. Some are forced to resort to begging or prostitution in order to survive; drug abuse is rife. SDKF’s tailoring programme, and especially the mentoring included, therefore offers a vital life line to those that are most in need, as production of school uniforms and casual attire can be very profitable in Uganda. 80% of the scheme’s graduates (of whom there are 540 so far) find full time employment. 

Provision of Equipment

Africa has an ongoing goods shipping project to provide equipment to disadvantaged communities in a variety of countries. This equipment can be vital in enabling entrepreneurs to get their projects off the ground.


What you can do

- £5 will ship 10kg of books (roughly 20 hardbacks) to Africa to educate young people and adults in essential skills.

- £30 will cover the cost of a knitting machine, sewing machine or a set of carpentry tools giving a someone the means to support themselves and their family.

Visit our donations or fundraising pages to see how you can help. 

Entrepreneurship - setting up a small shop selling sewn goods


Case study: Roland

Roland Sims, an associate member of Cambridgeshire’s Great Shelford Free Church, lives with his family in his wife Muna’s home country of Ethiopia. Roland worked for aid agencies for eight years, which led him to conclude that job creation, along with vocational training, was the most effective and sustainable form of aid in developing countries.

To this end Roland set up a not-for-profit company to manufacture electrical items in demand in Ethiopia, aiming to create jobs as well as to meet a need in his community. If DiverseTech ceases trading for any reason they will be recycled to an Aid Agency or NGO in Ethiopia, ensuring that they continue to do good.

After a frustrating two-year battle through acres of red tape, Roland registered his organisation, DiverseTech, for tax relief on goods imports. This enabled Afrinspire to support DiverseTech by supplying vital start-up equipment and machinery – three pallets of tools reached Addis Adaba in 2004, enabling the business to begin its useful work.