African women are often disadvantaged and dependent on the men of the community. Afrinspire is helping them to overcome the problems they face with new skills and group initiatives, enabling them to gain confidence to change their lives and those of their families and communities. Women in Africa face a difficult situation, where many of the continent’s problems affect them disproportionately.

- Lower education rates than boys results in lower literacy among females – for example, 40% of women are illiterate in Uganda and a staggering 90% in Southern Sudan.

- Women suffer health risks including a greater risk of HIV/AIDS infection as well as risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

- Women frequently undertake more work than men, currently constituting 70% of the agricultural labour force, yet still having primary responsibility for the family.

- Fewer rights than men and being considered to have a lower status causes extreme dependence on their husbands and feelings of isolation.

If a family’s finances come under pressure, the daughters are the first to suffer. Often forced to drop out of education and forgo learning skills to become financially independent, they enter marriage at a young age and are resigned to a life of early pregnancies, household chores and hard labour in the fields. Such women have little control over their situations and are vulnerable to becoming trapped in unsupportive or abusive relationships.

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