Computer Technicians Workshop
The technicians pictured above represent the locations to which we have sent 1500 computers over the past 12 years.

Setting Development and Keeping the Foundation, SDKF, is an Afrinspire partner in the Kawempe/Nakawa division of Kampala - a rather haphazardly built slum suburb. They have been actively working with vulnerable children and youth in their neighbourhood since 2003, providing tailoring and computer training using sewing machines and computers provided by Afrinspire.

The training caters for the various levels of education and ability of the young people SDKF seek to help. They take an interest in their clients to help them improve their situation – for many the training leads them into a job.

SDKF Skills Training Project

In 2010, the fifth Afrinspire IT Technicians Workshop took place at the Development Studies Centre in Mbarara, focusing on the topic of open source operating systems. The main technical material was delivered by Isaac Omoding, one of our Ugandan partners.

SDKF has been a key creative partner to Afrinspire, in both networking with our other partners and hosting some of our IT Technicians' Workshops. As well as their practical abilities and vision, SDKF has strength in their social work towards their clients.

What you can do

- £45 will pay for the shipment of a computer to a community where it will act as a crucial learning resource and method of communication with the wider world.

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