ICT Skills TrainingA crucial ongoing project at Afrinspire is the shipment of used UK goods to Africa, including technologies such as computers. The scheme enables recycling of unwanted UK materials to places where they are very much needed.

Computer shipments combat poverty

Computers help reduce the digital divide between Africa and the ‘Western World’ by providing communities with resources to educate themselves.

Thousands of people have learnt new ICT skills, often enabling them to gain employment, who may otherwise never have had the opportunity to access computers. 

Although only a relatively small proportion of Africa has electricity and telephone lines, places with appropriate infrastructure are extremely eager to use computers to connect electronically with the wider world and to teach their people computer literacy skills.

Currently, the biggest need is not for more computers but for the money to ship them.

We have an efficient transport process using volunteers, working closely with Tools With A Mission, and being involved at both ends of the process in UK and Africa.

Still, it costs us £40 - £50 to transport and set up a working computer in Africa.

Computer shipments reduce waste

The UK’s surplus computers often have many years of life left in them meaning Afrinspire can reuse them in African communities, reducing UK waste in the process. Some of the early computers, sent in 1998, are still found working in training centres over a decade later!

Afrinspire donates computers to those who need them and can maintain them

In 2008, Afrinspire had shipped over 800 computers to Uganda and Rwanda alone. Afrinspire has funded four internet cafés for local communities, as well as placing numerous computers in training centres, and with organisations or individuals known to Afrinspire.

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What you can do

- £45 will pay for the shipment of a computer to a community where it will act as a crucial learning resource and method of communication with the wider world

Visit our donations or fundraising pages to see how you could help