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- £45 will pay for an adult to complete the first module in a Functional Adult Literacy group to learn to read.

- £250 is enough to join the programme at the Development Studies Centre.

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Afrinspire facilitates the spread of practical knowledge in communities through training courses and group programmes. This knowledge improves members’ employability as well as advantaging them in their daily lives.

Afrinspire has shipped computers, books and other educational resources to Africa for over a decade in order to create better learning environments.

However, we believe that it is not enough to simply supply resources. In order to ensure that we help communities in a sustainable way it is also crucial to provide them with training, allowing participants to develop and support themselves in the long term.

Educating children

Afrinspire supports a number of educational establishments for children. For example, the Shuuku Vocational Secondary School in Uganda teaches both O Level studies and vocational skills such as carpentry, sewing and IT (with equipment supplied by Afrinspire). This means that if, as commonly occurs in Uganda, a student cannot afford the school fees and is forced to drop out, they at least have a practical skill which they can use to earn a living.

Training adults

The major skills deficiency in the adult population, particularly with respect to literacy and administrative skills, has led us to support the Development Studies Centre in Mbarara, Uganda.

The centre is run by our partner AIDTS (Agency for Integrated Development and Training Services), who provide both short and longer term courses to community members to teach a variety of skills. The courses support participants in all stages of initiating and running a business, including book-keeping, entrepreneurship and business planning and development, as well as practical courses such as use of knitting machines.  These immensely popular courses are enable participants to begin to earn a living for themselves and their families.

To reduce the high proportion of illiteracy, particularly amongst women, we support an extensive Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) programme run by our partner Rose Ekitwi. Each group, of around 20 adults, undertakes a three year course in which they work through a programme of reading, writing, and numeracy as well as practical skills such as homestead improvement. The groups also provide a supportive environment for often isolated community members. Afrinspire acts as the catalyst to initiate groups, support organisers and provide training materials, but they soon become increasingly self-sufficient.  There is a continual demand for more groups as communities see how participants are inspired to improve their own situations.


Afrinspire also support a number of conferences providing training and capacity building opportunities to delegates. As well as providing a number of specialist conferences, Afrinspire's main conferences are an opportunity to reflect upon the organisation's impact over time and to allow the forthcoming agenda to be set by Africans. Since 2005, Afrinspire has convened conferences for women, IT technicians and young leaders, as well its main partner conferences which have drawn delegates from seven countries. 

Young Leaders Conferences

Afrinspire's Young Leaders Conferences bring together delegates from across Africa to enable them to share ideas and experience. You can read the reports from our 2013 and 2014 conferences here. 

Women's Conferences

A brief report of our Women's Conferences in 2008, 2010 and 2013 can be found in our Newsletters. 

IT Technicians Conferences

A report on the 2008 and 2010 IT Technicians' Workshops are also available to read in our Newsletters. 





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