The entrance to Association Misericorde

The entrance to the Association Misericorde’s base in Kigali, Rwanda

Education has a crucial role to play in development of communities. Our scholarship programmes sponsor children to overcome difficulties paying school fees at all educational levels.

Children in a number of African countries face real problems when trying to get an education. Although primary education is now compulsory in Uganda, purchasing school supplies and obligatory uniforms can be a great obstacle, especially given the reduced family income if the child would otherwise be working. There are also less obvious difficulties, such as the children lacking shoes in which to walk to school, and orphans not having suitable guardians to encourage them to study.

What we do

One example of a project we support is the Association Misericorde, based in Kigali, Rwanda, supporting the education of over 300 children and youths in Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan. These students are mainly at primary and secondary level, but a few are also helped through degrees at vocational colleges and university, enabling them to gain skills leading to secure employment.

As well as funding organisations, we seek to support students more directly such as those identified by our partners at Jaguza, Kampala, and at the Joint Childcare Support Association (JCSA) in Mbale. These organisations ensure that children have everything they need in order to attend school – for example, we recently shipped pairs of shoes to children at Jaguza, and exercise books to JCSA. Sponsoring a specific student can have an enormous impact, giving them the opportunity to transform their lives to something they thought they could never attain.

Sarah, left

Sarah's Story

Sarah Tusiime has been sponsored through secondary education by the Histon and Impington Council of Churches, Cambridgeshire. This experience gave Sarah the belief that she was capable of more, and after she successfully completed her A levels she undertook a law degree.

However, Sarah’s struggle to make ends meet continued even when she became a trainee solicitor, working for very little until she gained sufficient experience.

In 2007, the investment in her education proved truly worthwhile when she became licensed as a solicitor and gained financial independence and in mid-January 2008, Sarah received an appointment as a Magistrate Grade 1 in Mpigi, near Kampala - one of only a few hundred in Uganda.

There can be no doubt that without her ongoing hard work and talent being supported by various organisations and individuals she could not have reached such a position.

What you can do

- Sponsor a child: please consider setting up a monthly standing order to enable young people to gain an education.

- A guardian can feed, clothe and send a child to primary school for just £6.50 a month, or to secondary school for £12 a month

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