Afrone Services - Richard's Internet Cafe

Afrinspire supports local internet cafés in Uganda by providing funds and supplying computers. Not only has this helped income generation, it has also improved local employability through computer literacy and technical expertise.

The microfinance initiatives supported by Afrinspire have included several internet cafés.

Afrinspire began shipping computers to Uganda in 1998 to establish a training centre and to send computers to other local schools and organisations. The first centre was kept up to date with the most recent computers and software, and the older ones were passed on to others.

The network grew and new destinations and recipients were added each time a container of computers was shipped. So many people have become computer literate through these computers that it is becoming impossible to keep track of how much has been achieved.

Richard’s café

Richard ShuukuAfrinspire has supported Richard to set up an internet café and video making business in Kabwohe, Uganda. Richard was educated at Primary School but had to drop out when his parents could not afford the fees. Attendance at secondary school in Uganda is not a right, but a privilege for those who have enough money.

Richard’s aptitude for technology was discovered while he was working as a helper at a school near Kabwohe which had some computers. He became the school IT technician and realised that even though he lacked some basic education, he was more able than many who had moved further than him in the education system.

Now Richard is established in his own business in Kabwohe with computers from Afrinspire. He is a source of technical expertise, with his internet café and video making business forming his livelihood. Richard also shares in our Afrinspire IT Technicians Workshops, and videos some of our special events in Mbarara.

Anne’s café

Anne's Story

Anne Kobusingye

Anne’s main advertising line is ‘Affordable Internet’ and she has set her prices to make the service accessible.

"For many users, the business has offered the first opportunity to have an email address."

In 2006/7 we supported Anne Kobusingye as she opened the Afrikobs internet café in Kabale, Uganda. She used a donation to purchase a phone line so that she could offer it as a service and as an income generator. Four computers share an internet connection and Anne has successfully attracted regular customers. A second room in the premises is being converted to provide a separate computer training room.

Due to the shortage of power in Uganda the whole country suffers power cuts. When there is power customers will stay until after midnight to get their work done.

The computers and some small items have been supplied by Afrinspire, but in equal and perhaps greater measure is the contribution and initiative being taken by Anne and her friends to make the café the place to be in the local area. 

In order to raise capital and improve the facilities on offer, Anne needs to attract plenty of internet and email users, as well as investers. But Anne's internet cafe is more than just a business. It is part of her larger vision for helping the disabled people of Kabale district. Anne hopes in due course to establish a project called ‘Kabale People With Disabilities in Development'.

Anne has also taken a political route to raise disability issues in her community. When she contested the March 2006 election to represent the disabled on the Kabale District Council, she proved to be such a popular candidate she was voted in.

What you can do

- £45 will pay for the shipment of a computer to a community where it will act as a crucial learning resource and method of communication with the wider world

- £300 is enough to install an electrical connection to a new internet cafe

- £1000 will fund a generator and stabiliser to provide power for a cyber cafe during power cuts

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