Tree Planting - seedlings in small pots

Deforestation has become an increasingly critical issue in Uganda over the last 20 years. Afrinspire supports programmes such as the Kaharo Tree Planting and Food Multiplication Programme to reduce this problem.

Trees are a critical resource:

- Whilst alive, trees help prevent soil erosion by anchoring soil with their roots

- They also fix nitrogen for other crops, increasing soil fertility

- Trees are used for timber for buildings and for brooms and furniture

- Wood and charcoal are burned as a fuel

The Environment

As deforestation shows no sign of subsiding and people's carbon footprint are ever increasing, planting more trees is essential.

Aside from the global benefits of tree planting, the local community also benefits. For example, since surrounding Kaharo School with newly planted trees it is now shielded from noise and pollution.


The Kaharo Tree Planting and Food Multiplication Programme

The KTPFM programme was set up to combat deforestation, improve food production, and in response to a plague of 'banana wilt' disease which destroyed many plantations. The plantain-like ‘Matoke’ banana is the staple food of many people and a cash crop providing an income for many thousands of people across the country. Its plague was a national disaster.

Tree Planting - seedlings in their potsKaharo farmers are currently diversifying their crops through KTPFM by planting and cultivating a number of seed potatos. The programme also addresses the tree shortage, planting thousands of trees in seed beds until the seedlings can be moved into small potting bags to be nurtured. Guster (left) then uses his grafting knowledge to induce fruiting.

Progress to date:

- 50,000 pine trees for timber and firewood

- Almost 2000 fruit trees for consumption and sale, including avocados, apples and cassava

- 1500 carriandra trees for nitrogen fixing and timber

- Education programmes about tree growth and environmental awareness

Guster's Story


The Reverend Canon Guster Bashaija was one of Afrinspire’s founding partners. After 17 years working on sustainable agriculture in the Rwandan-Ugandan border conflict zone, he returned to his birthplace, Kaharo, where he now runs the Kaharo Tree Planting and Food Multiplication programme (KTPFM).

Afrinspire maintains a strong relationship with Guster

Guster has hosted various Afrinspire trustees and visitors in the past, and has benefited from their input of resources. In turn, Guster has shared his knowledge with other Afrinspire partners.

He is active in the local community and helps to distribute Afrinspire donations such as typewriters, sewing machines, books, and tools. He also looks after a number of orphans and vulnerable children who Afrinspire assist with the provision of school fees without which they would not be able to receive an education. 

Afrinspire is also supporting Guster’s family, enabling him to continue his valuable work. We have provided Guster’s three childrens’ school fees and training costs. Through this, his oldest daughter Sarah has become a Grade I magistrate, and his daughter Mariam has gained a university degree in Computer Science. Guster’s son Moses has trained in Environmental Studies and is now working alongside his father to form the Kaharo Environmental Group as a vehicle to improve the lives of many members of their community.

Afrinspire is supporting KTPFM

An initial grant of £358 from Afrinspire currently finances labour, potting bags, sand, compost and nails for seedling shades. Once firmly established, the programme will become self-sufficient through proceeds from the crops yielded. 

What you can do

Afrinspire wants to fund the planting of 20 seedlings, each for 110 African families, as a key source of food and income. Can you help?

Alternatively, offset your carbon footprint:

- £4 worth of tree planting is sufficient to offset every 1,000 miles you drive

- £15 offsets a long haul flight

- A typical individual produces 5.5 tonnes of carbon emissions every year which can be offset by £75.

Visit our donations or fundraising pages to see how you could help