Water tanks in Uganda

Water tank

The lack of clean water, a common problem in Uganda, causes widespread severe health problems. Afrinspire is helping to build water tanks to provide a safe, reliable water supply for the community and their livestock.

African communities need water not only for drinking, but for cooking, washing, crop irrigation and rearing livestock. But many of the most severe diseases endemic in Africa, such as cholera and typhoid, are transmitted via communal water sources. According to UNICEF, an average of three children die every minute from waterborne diseases.

It is crucial to disinfect drinking water, but inadequate infrastructure and scarce supply make its safe provision challenging.

Afrinspire supports Ugandan communities in building concrete water tanks and positioning guttering to collect and store rainwater.

A few years ago, Afrinspire provided funds for tools, equipment and training to enable an African team to build and maintain 14 water tanks in Bugaya, Northern Uganda. Prior to the building of these tanks, the nearest water for many community members was a borehole four miles away. Instead of queuing daily to bring buckets of water back to their home, people can now store up to 7000L in each tank, enough to ensure a safe and reliable supply for six families throughout the dry season.

Afrinspire then funded training for a team in Mbale, Eastern Uganda, for the construction of eight water tanks in local villages. We also enabled the building of six protected well springs, which can support up to 200 people each. The project has so far enabled access to a safe water supply for over 1,400 people, working out at just £2.25 per person.

More than 50% of Africa lacks access to safe drinking water, so there is a lot more work to do. The teams in the Bugaya and Mbale areas aim to build 100 tanks each over the next 5 years.

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What you can do

- £22.50 is enough for 10 people to access clean drinking water.

- It costs just £200 to fund an entire water tank. Your donation has an instant impact as the team is already trained and ready so can construct it in just 12 days.

- Support the training of more Ugandans to involve them in the water tank project – they can then spread their knowledge to surrounding communities.

- Afrinspire is also fundraising to train a team and buy materials for seven water tanks in another part of Uganda, Manawfa, so that we can bring clean water to this area too.

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Mrs Amuza's Story

Mrs Amuza

“I used to spend 5 hours daily collecting water 3km from my home. The construction of this water tank has made my life easy; I have time to do my domestic cares.”

Mrs Amuza is a community health worker who has responsibility for one of the Bugaya tanks. When other village residents came to collect water from her tank, she uses her knowledge to teach them about sanitation, spreading good hygiene practices in her community.