Rwandan Orphans

Pastor Bunini writes:

“We are pleased with all you are doing for us. I told you that the problems in Africa are so many we will appreciate whatever you will manage to do”

and has extended an invitation for an Afrinspire team to visit Association Misericorde each year.


A class of Rwandan orphansA class of children sponsored by Association Misericorde

The genocide in Rwanda left behind countless orphans. Almost every family has adopted extra children. Sometimes the oldest children of twelve years will be the heads of their households. In particular, educational gaps are immense due to the huge disruption the country faced.

Primary education in Rwanda has been free of charge for some years. However, because of low teachers' salaries, the schools expect parents to pay them small supplementary fees. Additionally, parents must provide their children with exercise books, stationary, and compulsory uniforms. In particular, most children do not reach secondary school.

In 2005, Afrinspire began funding a Rwandan organisation, Association Misericorde, who seek to help the most vulnerable orphans as a parent would. Originally set up by an American charity in 2003, who still support ten orphans, Afrinspire now sustains the major part of this programme with over 300 orphans in 14 different schools in Kigali and other districts.

Association Misericorde has four social volunteers who visit the children to follow their school progress as well as their health and social situations. The volunteers know the children, identify their requirements, pay the school fees, keep records and counsel them through traumatic times.

In 2007, Association Misericorde was selected as one of only three organisations in Kigali to receive a certificate of appreciation and good performance from the Rwandan National Commission for Unity and Reconciliation:

“[We] appreciate your contribution in development of the programme of unity and reconciliation. We request you to continue in the same way.”

Pastor Bunini said it was awarded as “the Association has been seen to be different from others in terms of delivery”. He wanted to give the credit to Afrinspire but in fact it is the organisation which cares for the children, using what little money they have to support the maximum number of orphans.

So many children need supporting that we have set ourselves a target of £12,000 a year for this programme.

What you can do

£30 a year - just £2.50 a month - will support a Rwandan orphan.

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