Children from a school in a rural area which has been set up for orphans.Wherever you go in East Africa the streets are full of orphans. This number is growing every day as the AIDS epidemic leaves a whole generation of children parentless.

Some orphaned children are split up and sent to live with relatives who typically already have 5 children of their own. Some have no guardians and struggle to survive on the streets. They often lack clothes, go hungry, suffer from several illnesses and have no hope of an education. There are now so many that every community must deal with the problem. Almost every family has extra children.

Margaret's Story


“The orphans need someone caring to help them overcome the trauma they could be experiencing. They are grateful for the love and for being able to go to school.”

When Margaret was widowed, she was left with four children and a dream to support the 500 children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in her local area. She is currently supporting 30 orphans and their guardians, providing them with food, an education, and an abundance of love and care.

What we do

Afrinspire has a long history of supporting orphans in every country we work in, in particular for helping them into education. We have supported an entire programme for 338 orphans in Rwanda for the past 6 years, most of whom have now entered government schemes, with just 38 children left in the original programme.

We also have long-term sponsorships in Uganda and for Sudanese refugee children returning to the new south Sudan.

We are currently fundraising to help more children like these through 3 key programmes.

The Jaguza Child Care Initiative run by Margaret, left, has identified 30 orphans whose guardians are struggling to provide for them in rural Uganda.

Meanwhile, Setting Development and Keeping Foundation, SDKF, a charity working with vulnerable children in the slums of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, has set up a programme to rescue 30 street children orphans and provide them with care and support into education. SDKF also have plans for constructing a primary school with the capacity to educate 300 children in the local area, click here for the funding proposal. 

Afrinspire is also fundraising to support Ecumenical Solidarity for Education and Community Development (SOEDC), to provide educational facilities and basic needs to 130 orphans and vulnerable children, in Gitega, Burundi. Please follow this link to see our latest proposal for SOEDC.

What you can do

- A guardian can feed, clothe and send a child to primary school for just £6.50 a month.

- For £12 a month, a child could go to secondary school.

Visit our donations or fundraising pages to see how you could help


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