There are many ways in which our supporters have been fundraising for us and for you to get involved. Here are just a few ideas...

Amy Bond, Changing Lives in New Sudan

One of the most rewarding jobs our volunteers in the office do is turning a grant proposal into a successful life changing project. This is exactly what Cambridge student Amy Bond did. Using information from returning refugees in South Sudan she created a proposal for two new farms, desperately needed to help the returnees resettle.

Amy approached her Junior Common Room at Selwyn College. The students responded positively and in March 2012 donated £785 to help create one new farm.

With amazing speed the money was transferred to Sudan where land was bought, cleared and planted within three weeks. To read more, see our September Newsletter.

The initial proposal also included a second farm nearby in Lajora. We are currently trying to raise £886 to bring this second farm into being. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

Wedding Donations

Congratulations to Jenny Starky and Denvyn Meeks on their marriage, with a big thank you to them for directing wedding donations to Afrinspire. Jenny is a long term supporter with a heart for Africa. We wish them every happiness.

Afrinspire Cambridge Student Society

Afrinspire's associated student society has raised over £300 in cake sales and Krispy Kreme donut sales across the colleges, and even more by hosting fantastic events such as formals, ceilidhs and pub quizzes. Watch out for more of their goodies...


Emily cooked up a storm and raised £130 for Ugandan Orphans by organising a Cake Sale at Histon Baptist Church. Cakes were 25p each but Emily had no change so customers had to buy four at a time!


Histon Girls Brigade

We would like to thank the Histon Girls' Brigade who have raised £50 by organising a Christmas Carol service.


Kevin Lee

Kevin raised over £1,000 to support Rwandan orphans. He was given a voucher to take a parachute jump and decided that if he was going to jump out of an aeroplane he ought to make it worthwhile.

Kevin chose to help children in Africa and the Rwandan orphans in particular. He spent six months collecting sponsors and finally made the jump. Thank you, Kevin. We’re pleased you had a safe landing and thank you for all your hard work. The money went immediately to Rwanda to sustain the 300 orphans supported by Association Misericorde.






Alan and Bex

Alan and Bex chose to run the Keswick Half Marathon – a tremendously scenic route if only the running wasn’t such an effort! The weather on the day did not smile on them and it was a tough run but they made it. With the help of the justgiving website they raised £1,500.

The money was used to sponsor training for organisations in business planning at the Development Studies Centre in Mbarara. There was a series of courses in basic book keeping, organisational development, business planning and project planning. This was followed by Afrinspire supporting a women's co-operative in Kampala to set up a Mushroom Farm.








Catherine and John Gooch

As part of her Teaching degree at Nottingham University, Catherine was required to gain some experience in less privileged schools. She decided to go one step further than the UK though and venture into Africa.

Afrinspire facilitated the trip for Catherine, arranging for her to spend classroom time in several Ugandan schools. We included a range of schools with which we have a relationship. Catherine’s father, John Gooch, accompanied her and used his computer expertise to assist in the schools while Catherine met the children.

John’s employer, Nortel, joined in to support the trip by matching all money raised up to the figure of £2,500. They met all the costs of their trip themselves, and raised £1,000 to help one girl who lost both her parents in road accidents. They gave £200 to ten other schools and eductional initiatives within the Afrinspire portfolio.


Online fundraising pages

We are currently registered with BT MyDonate if you would like to set up a fundraising page for your activity.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to fundraise for Afrinspire and would like some more fundraising tips.