JustTextGiving is a quick and easy means for giving a one off donation to Afrinspire.

Just text AFRI20 and the amount you would like to donate to 70070. For example,

     To: 70070

     Subject: AFRI20 £10

If you choose to follow their instructions to add Gift Aid as well, Afrinspire will receive an additional 25%, at no extra cost to you or us.


Just £2...

   - Will plant 30 trees which can later be used as timber or charcoal.

   - Pays for a hoe for a Batwa farmer to help feed his family.

Just £6...

   - Is enough to support a child through a month of primary school, including food and clothes.

Thank you very much for donating, your gift is appreciated and will be put to great use.

Vodafone genuinely take no commission or fees, so 100% of your donation will go to Afrinspire. They even cover the cost of your text message, whether or not you're with Vodafone. For more information on how Vodaphone JustTextGiving works, click here.