Functional Adult Literacy Programme (FAL)

In 2005, Afrinspire began to work with Rose Ekitwi, a Ugandan whose own experience of illiteracy drove her to initiate a program, supported by Afrinspire, to teach women valuable reading, writing and life skills to empower them in their daily lives. This programme is known as Functional Adult Literacy (FAL). FAL teaches skills at the household level to allow participants to lift their style and standard of living. e.g. they move from sleeping on the ground to sleeping on a mat and then aspire to have a mattress. They move from having very little hygiene to keeping clean and having a latrine, washing stand and cleaner eating habits. They learn to read and count, which helps them on their visits to market. They can avoid being cheated and they can sign their name at elections.

While short term aims revolve around setting up operational workshops and literacy groups, long term FAL aims to help alleviate as many people out of abject poverty as possible.

Afrinspire has been funding this women’s adult literacy programme since 2006, and currently has a fund raising target of £8,200 per year for the on-going support of 69 groups. Having set up nearly 70 women’s literacy groups which support women from around 1200 families Rose is constantly looking to further and expand her reach so as to help as many people as possible. Most areas have an overall committee of about 5 or 6 people, who make reports back to Rose. These reports and accountability are given back to Afrinspire in the UK. There have also been annual visits by an Afrinspire trustee and other Afrinspire team members.

Multiple projects have been funded by Afrinspire to support Rose and her expanding ambitions, all of which can be reached here:

FAL work in Kiryandongo Refugee Camp

FAL work establishing 5 Groups in Achaba Sub-Country, Oyam District, Northern Uganda