Shuuku Vocational Secondary School

The Shuuku Vocational Secondary School was established in Kabwohe, Uganda in 2001. It has done important work in the area as an option for the many young people in Uganda for whom school fees make continuing with education prohibitively expensive. It has achieved this by combining O-level academic studies in arts and sciences with vocational skills including carpentry and joinery; tailoring; and computing. If a student should have to drop out, they are at least equipped with practical skills with which they can make a living.

Shuuku is an unique establishment in western Uganda and has made great progress, with graduates achieving more of their potential than would previously have been possible. The wider community has benefited too, with some students starting self-help projects and deploying their new found skills around the area.


Afrinspire has supported the school with facilities such as computers, sewing machines, carpentry kits, typewriters and textbooks. Shuuku Vocational Secondary School's director, James Clear Mugume, has said of Afrinspire, "Without your support and help, this school wouldn't be looking like this, and it would be less important to this community."