MIDPRO Initiative

The MIDPRO Initiative is an organisation founded in 2003 by Michael Naboki in the Mbale district of Uganda. Michael was orphaned at birth and saw first-hand the experiences of the most vulnerable in Uganda. He has said, "In the life of an orphan there is rejection, hunger, walking naked, mistreatment, passing through all sorts of corporal punishments and possibly denial of education to name a few ... MIDPRO Initiative's vision is to restore what is missing or lost in the lives of such vulnerable people and show them that there is someone caring."

MIDPRO achieves this by focusing on sustainable development and poverty reduction underpinned by human rightsm good governance and protection of the environment. MIDPRO educates poor communities about HIV/AIDS, advocates for orphans in the education system, supplies orphans with school materials, provides clean and safe water for communities, and trains local people in vocational skills.


Afrinspire has helped the MIDPRO Intiative by funding the construction of numerous water tanks and the protection of several water springs in eastern Uganda. A local financial contribution is always made by the community. MIDPRO also trained a team of young men in the construction of these tanks, thus making the project sustainable and equipping local people with important development skills.

Most recently, Afrinspire has worked with MIDPRO on the construction of a vocational training college, an exciting expansion for an initiative undertaking important work in Uganda.