Network for Empowerment and Development (NEAD)

The Network for Empowerment and Development (NEAD) was formed in 2006 by Rt. Hon. Emma Boona, the MP for Mbarara. It is a membership organisation comprising 13 saving and micro-enterprise groups which seek the alleviation of poverty as well as the empowerment of women. NEAD groups work to achieve these objectives through training in craft enterprises and agricultural techniques as well as education in bookkeeping and the management of projects.

NEADAfrinspire supports NEAD and its members through training and workshops, through the giving of tools and materials and through initiating micro-finance schemes. NEAD has said of Afrinspire, "The missions of NEAD and Afrinspire have a lot in common ... Joint efforts to mobilize people to respond to development, to ensure food security and to increase household income that guarantees access to basic needs are necessary and can be effected through partnerships such as the one developed between Afrinspire and NEAD."

Lucy Johnson (source of photo and information on this page) submitted a dissertation in 2013 on women's self-help groups that are members of NEAD. Find it on our dissertations page.