Uganda Development Services

Uganda Development Services (UDS) is an organisation founded in the UK, working with other British and Ugandan organisations to relieve poverty in rural communities. UDS runs the Kamuli Development Centre in Eastern Uganda. The Development Centre houses a library, study area, and computer training suite. There is an Internet café and business service centre, which generates income to sustain UDS's work. At the Development Centre, farmers are trained to improve their income with cash crops and their health with water harvesting and fuel-efficient smokeless ovens.

According to their website, UDS work in Kamuli because of its particularly high levels of poverty. Most of the 831,000 people live in "absolute poverty" with high levels of school drop out, low literacy rates, early marriages, high fertility rates, poor housing and malnutrition. Nearly 60% of the population are under 18.


Afrinspire has supported UDS with resources and by establishing relationships with the Development Centre. The centre is a lynchpin of Afrinspire's annual summer field trip and members of centre staff have made return visits to Cambridge (pictured: Rita Mijumbi of Uganda Development Services being shown the Cam by Michaela Collard).