One of Afrinspire's major partners in Ethiopia, DiverseTech is the brainchild of Roland Sims, an associate member of the Great Shelford Free Church in Cambridgeshire, who lives with his Ethiopian wife, Muna, and their family, in Addis Ababa.

DiverseTechHaving worked for aid agencies for eight years, Roland determined that job creation and vocational training were the most effective and sustainable path to development in Africa. He then formed DiverseTech as a not-for-profit electrical manufacturing company, making products that are in high demand in Ethiopia. He is therefore a shining example of Afrinspire's vision of local, independent and sustainable development geared to suit local needs.

Afrinspire assisted DiverseTech with the supply of start-up equipment and machinery, thus enabling the company to start its important work. We continue to work with Roland to further achieve DiverseTech's aims.