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SAFI Sustainable Agriculture

Afrinspire supports Paul Kyalimpa, an experienced agriculturalist, in training groups of 25 farmers all over Uganda. Practical lessons are used to teach sustainable techniques such as: Making a raised trench bed to help retain soil fertility and prevent erosion. Conservation of natural resources and recycling of nutrients. Business skills such as record-keeping

The importance of this knowledge is paramount for farmers as farms which do not consider sustainability in their planning are at risk of a number of problems:

•Over-farming can deplete land of minerals essential for plant growth, reducing the quantity and quality of later crops.

•‘Monoculture’ – relying on a single crop - can cause problems through market fluctuations (a particular problem in the current economic climate) or if the crop fails. For example, a 2009 plague of the ‘banana wilt’ disease decimated plantations across Uganda, abruptly plunging farming families from 43 districts into severe poverty.

•Deforestation of huge areas over the last 20 years has led to an urgent need to plant more trees - a critical resource for communities.) to reach those in the mountains, and Afrinspire agreed to fund this scheme. Afrinspire is working to encourage sustainable farming techniques