Mutuwa Nursery and Primary School

The village of Lukhonge, in Mbale district in eastern Uganda, suffers from a high prevalence of orphaned or abandoned children with no one to look out for their interests or to provide protection and care. In response to this, the Lukhonge Yetana Group, a group of women in that community who are engaged in development-oriented activities for poverty alleviation, took action to establish Matuwa Nursery and Primary School in 2004.

Under the leadership of Sylvia Paunda, the School Director and a community leader, Matuwa has grown to become a trusted institution providing quality education for 96 children, of which 31 are orphans. The school was originally run out of the home of Sylvia Paunda. However, she now rents some rooms in a nearby building. This is not a sustainable option, as students are increasingly crammed into these small rooms. However proper classrooms are needed to accommodate the expanding cohorts, the proposal for which can be reached here.

An initial small nursery class has become a primary school as the children have grown and new children have come along. The school has become very popular with families in the local community. The growing attendance indicates the school’s success in encouraging more families in the community to send their children for formal education. This has allowed orphans in the community who participate in the same educational programmes as their peers to benefit from the facilitated but natural integration into their society.