Jaguza Children's Initiative

“The orphans need someone caring to help them overcome the trauma they could be experiencing. They are grateful for the love and for being able to go to school.” 

When Margaret was widowed, she was left with four children and a dream to support the 500 children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in her local area. This was the stimulus for the creation of Jaguza Children's Initiative. She is currently supporting 30 orphans and their guardians, providing them with food, an education, and an abundance of love and care, her creativity enabling funds and provisions to stretch supporting as many children as possible.

Children with school books

Education is a key component for alleviation from poverty, and a precursor for enhancing a community. Margret facilitates this through Jaguza Childcare providing support to those most vulnerable within the community, enabling them to pursue primary and secondary education. Jaguza Children also seeks to support the elderly grandparents who may have reached an unproductive phase of life but are essential in providing a home and guardianship to their grandchildren. The majority of the children’s parents have died as a result of AIDS.


Through this Jaguza Children helps orphans to realise their potential, instilling sound morals and encouraging community service. Allowing children to develop as individuals into contributing members of society.