Baptist Union of Uganda

Functional adult literacy – including numeracy – remains low in Uganda, with just over half the population (66%) literate (2002 census). When considering rural areas, the rates drop drastically–especially among women –to as few as 24%equipped with functional reading, writing, and math skills. When it comes to the management of money, savings rates in Uganda are extremely low, even compared to other sub-Saharan countries, which on average have the lowest savings rates in the world.

The Baptist Union of Uganda targets this challenge through providing training to treasurers of churches of the poor across Uganda, through the provision of 3-day training courses plus follow-up visits on bookkeeping and finance management. This is so that they may become effective stewards and leaders in their individual churches and communities.

Many Baptist churches in Uganda wrestle with growth because their leaders take up responsibility in the church without any administrative skills. The courses provided through the Baptist Union of Uganda add value and relevance to the Baptist leadership ministries to eradicate poverty and ignorance in communities. Money management is central to effective and efficient leadership, which is essential to offering good services to people.