At a glance: Rwanda

Population: 12m

Total area: 26,338 sq km

GDP per capita: $1,500

Population on less than $1.25 per day: 63.2%

Life expectancy at birth: 59 

Literacy rate: 74.8% male; 67.5% female

One doctor per 50,000 persons

Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa as well as one of the continent's most historically fraught. Its name is synonymous to many with the genocide of 1994, which left around 1 million Rwandans dead after 100 days of violence: a faster pace of killing than the Holocaust.

Since 1994, Rwanda has struggled to recuperate, fighting remaining Hutu extremists within its borders and abroad, plus dealing with the millions of Tutsis displaced during the genocide and the Hutus who fled in fear of retribution. The genocide decimated Rwanda's fragile economic base and though recovery has been impressive, 45% of Rwandans live below the poverty line. 35% have no access to improved drinking water. The urban population makes up 19.1% of the country with 90% of the labour force working in agriculture.

Afrinspire has long-standing connections with Rwanda, where development work continues to work to rebuild the country nearly two decades after the genocide. Help for orphans and women are two particular components of the efforts Afrinspire support.

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