At a glance: Ethiopia

Population: 93.9m

Total area: 1.1m sq km

GDP per capita: $1,200

Population on less than $1.25: 30.7%

Life expectancy at birth: 60

Literacy rate: 49.1% male; 28.9% female

One doctor per 50,000 persons

Ethiopia long maintained its freedom from colonial rule - with the exception of a brief Italian occupation under Mussolini - and is thus the oldest nation in Africa. The socialist regime of 1974 to 1991 saw the state suffer bloody coups, uprisings, wide-scale drought and refugee problems. Since the 1990s, Ethiopia's economy has been growing but its population remains desperately poor. Many of the 85% of Ethiopians who work in agriculture suffer from poor cultivation practices and frequent drought. 17% of Ethiopia's population is urban and over 50% of the population lacks access to improved drinking water.

Afrinspire maintains partnerships in Ethiopia though our involvement there has lessened in recent years. More information will appear on this page soon about our Ethiopian partners.

Afrinspire's partners in Ethiopia:

BISRAT Development and Aid Organisation