South Sudan
 At a glance: South Sudan

Population: 11.1m

Total area: 644,329 sq km

GDP per capita: US $1,000

Population on less than $1.25 per day: N/A

Life expectancy at birth: N/A

Literacy rate: 40% male; 16% female

One doctor per (unknown number) persons

South Sudan is the world's newest country, having gained independence from neighbouring Sudan in January 2011. This followed decades of civil war in Sudan, in which around 2.5 million people died. Since then, the nation has struggled with good governance and nation-building and its economic condition has deteriorated due to oil disputes with Sudan. In 2012, its GDP fell by over 55%. In spite of great oil reserves, South Sudan remains an incredibly impoverished state with poor infrastructure (only 60 km of paved roads), leaving many of its poorest citizens isolated and in dire need of humanitarian aid. Of its population of over 11 million, 18% live in urbanised areas.

Afrinspire has been working with extremely impoverished South Sudanese communities since before their country achieved independence in 2011. Some of our work in Uganda, such as the Functional Adult Literacy programme, has extended over the border into South Sudan. This is in addition to existing relationships with partners in South Sudan.

Afrinspire's partners in South Sudan:

Sani-Tayi Self Help Scheme