Setting Development and Keeping Foundation (SDKF)
SDKF was established in 2003 in the Ugandan capital city of Kampala. The organisations focus is to help poor and marginalized youth gain vocational skills in order to support themselves as well as securing their future economic security and self sustainability. SDKF realises this through a multitude of projects which Afrinspire supports. Originating with SDKF's ongoing economic rehabilitation project to train young people in computer and tailoring skills. As a result, over 540 disadvantaged youth (75% of whom are girls) have been reached since the programme’s establishment in 2006.

Recently Afrinspire has supported SDKF in providing education to 30 orphaned children in the slum area of Kyebando in the Ugandan capital Kampala, through the provision of school fees and school meals together with individual pastoral care and community meetings, supporting those struggling with Living in the slums. Afrinspire also support SDKF's Education Fund to provide education to 300 children through the construction of a day primary school in Kulambiro for boys and girls. Currently children in the poorer slum areas of Kulambiro have to walk long distances (4km) to neighboring areas to acquire education, a local primary school provided into the area would result in every child having realistic access to education.


SDKF recognises that, to ensure the development of socio-economic welfare in the entire Nakawa Division, all sectors of society need to be involved in the positive activities which result in the realisation of sustainable peace and development. Education is fundamental in this enhancement of society, basic education equips individuals with a resource set of skills and knowledge which advocates self-reliance and enables development into productive and responsible citizens.