Moucecore is a Rwandan organisation which aims to bring about grassroots development through women's community groups. Anne Abingeri acts as the contact between Afrinspire and Moucecore. The groups consist of 15 to 20 women who meet together and learn together. The skills they acquire and disseminate are practical and applicable to their everyday lives, so that their membership of such groups can make a tangible difference to the quality of life enjoyed by their households.

Typically, the groups might sew, carry bricks, make baskets, keep livestock and create vegetable gardens together - all simple tasks which can have a real impact in the lives of their communities. Four years from a group's inception, it is hoped that every member should own a cow, and the women save collectively in a joint development fund, from which they can borrow to buy more valuable items.

Homestead improvement is at the heart of Moucecore's work. For example, they have tried to alleviate the problems water scarcity causes for food production by growing vegetables on mounds of earth in the backyards of homesteads. Water is so precious that all waste water is delivered into the base of the mound and seeps through to feed the roots of the crops. This means that there is no loss of water evaporation, and the mound can help to provide a regular source of food for the household. 

Afrinspire visits to observe the work of Moucecore's community groups have been heartening, with members speaking of their improved health, better clothing, being happier at home and generally more motivated as a result of the groups.