Kaharo Tree Planting and Food Multiplication Programme (KTPFM)

The Reverend Canon Guster Bashaija was one of the original connections that led to the start of Afrinspire as a charity.  He now lives and works in the Kaharo Parish of the Church of Uganda and runs the Kaharo Tree Planting and Food Multiplication programme.

Food Multiplication

A recent problem in Uganda is the arrival of ‘banana wilt’.  This disease is decimating the banana plantations.  The plants are already dying in Kaharo, and at some stage the government will force every banana plant to be destroyed.  It will affect every banana grower in Uganda.  This is a national disaster unfolding because Matoke, a green banana native to Uganda and similar to plantain, is the staple food of many people and a cashcrop providing an income for many thousands of people across the country.  The strategy of the Kaharo Tree Planting and Food Multiplication Project is to plant and cultivate many seed potatoes. The aim is to have seed potatoes ready for the people of Kaharo so that when the bananas are cut down they can be supplied with seed potatoes for planting.  

Tree Planting

The idea for tree planting came about after the tree shortage was noticed in Kaharo. Thousands of small trees are being taken from seed beds into small potting bags and then nurtured. Guster uses his knowledge of grafting to bring forward the first fruiting time for trees to about three years. The tree planting programme goes alongside education and environmental awareness so that each homestead improves its quality of life and management of its surroundings. In rural Kigezi the families live on their own land often with all the generations of grandparents, parents and children in adjacent houses. These families are the target beneficiaries of tree planting assistance. The aim of KTPFM is to encourage improvement of each homestead with water supplies, grafted trees, poultry, bee hives, environmental management, and better animal husbandry.School Sponsorship

Afrinspire has provided school fees for Guster’s children and supported them through University. Guster also looks after a number of orphans and vulnerable children in the local community and Afrinspire assists with the provision of school fees for these children who would not otherwise be able to receive education.