Foundation of People with Disabilities

Disabilities are a source of significant stigma and a serious obstacle to making a living in Uganda. In a country where becoming self-reliant is a struggle for most anyway, having a disability can make it even harder for the individual to make a life for themselves. Thus there is a real need to promote a more inclusive society and create employment opportunities for people with disabilities, along with improved access to basic education and vocational training to improve employability.

Afrinspire has supported disabled people in southwest Uganda since 2002, including by the funding of medical operations, orthotic shoes and appliances, education, VSO volunteer placements, conferences, and special needs education


The Foundation of People with Disabilities (FPD) is unique in southwest Uganda, in that they have an orthopedic workshop for making prosthetic limbs, special shoes, and many other appliances needed by the disabled. Afrinspire has supported this workshop since 2003.