Association Misericorde

Afrinspire supports Association Misericorde in Kigali, Rwanda, an organisation concerned with the education of 300 children and students in Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan. The scheme was set up in 2003 with help from an American charity for the first two years. While this charity still supports ten orphans, Afrinspire has since assumed responsibility for funding the major part of the programme.

Misericorde's work was prompted by the genocide in Rwanda and AIDS in Uganda, which have left behind many orphans. Sometimes the children of twelve years are the oldest living family members, and have had to become heads of households. The 300 orphans in the care of the organisation are in 14 different schools in Kigali and other districts. Some orphans live with grandparents or guardians and some in houses together. Misericorde has four social volunteers who visit the children. One volunteer follows the progress of the children at school and the other visits their homes and follows their health and social situation. The volunteers know the children, identify their requirements, pay the school fees, keep records about each child and counsel the children through traumatic times. Misericorde selects the most vulnerable orphans and seeks to help them as a parent would. Pastor Bunini writes:

"We are pleased with all you are doing for us. I told you that the problems in Africa are so many we will appreciate whatever you will manage to do”

Most children do not reach secondary school and have large gaps in their educational history due to the huge disruption the country faced. Misericorde is trying to support some children into secondary school.