Agency for Integrated Training Services (AIDTS)

AIDTS was founded in 1987 by Nkamuhebwa Willy and is a registered non-governmental organisation. The mission of the organisation is capacity building for sustainable development through the provision of development training and research services to NGOs, CBOs, Government institutions and the private sector. AIDTS’ capacity building approach focuses on knowledge, its production, ownership and wise application.

To consolidate AIDTS initiatives, AIDTS and Afrinspire worked in partnership to construct and equip a Development Studies Centres (DSC) in Kakoba, Mbararam which was officially opened in January 2008. The DSC provides a wide range of services including a resource centre and public library, a computer training centre, research services and training services (both in-house and open programmes). The DSC is also used regularly for conferences and seminars, including the Afrinspire IT Technicians' Workshop and the Afrinspire Women’s Conference, attended by delegates from across the region.

AIDTS runs over 40 short courses, conducted with an emphasis on practical knowledge, designed to especially suit the development challenges of Central Africa. They include programmes in book-keeping, business planning, organisational development, stewardship for small organisations, project planning and project writing. The DSC has also hosted courses in the use of knitting machines and in small entrepreneurship, assisting people in becoming self-employed and earning a living.

Afrinspire’s support of AIDTS is embodied in the construction of the DSC.  It has also provided computers, books and training equipment for the resource centre.

Nkamuhebwa Willy commented on the relationship in 2009, 'We share in the values and vision of Afrinspire. Together we can achieve a lot. They listen to the ideas of Africans and build on them".