Agency for Rural Development in Africa (AFRUDA)

AFRUDA's main concern is with the Batwa communities at Makanga, Kashasha on the Uganda/Rwanda border zone, and at Murambo, beside Lake Bunyonyi. The relationship between AFRUDA and Afrinspire dates back to the latter's inception as a charity, with Zadok Kamusiime as the key contact, and an Afrinspire trustee also worked with Batwa communities while a VSO volunteer in Uganda between 2001 and 2004.

AFRUDA works for the development of the Batwa among the local Bakiga population and to encourage peaceful co-existence.

The relationship stretches back as a far as 1999, with a succession of small donations and support at times of critical need. Land has been purchased and rented for building houses and planting crops. Key community leaders have been supported. Nearly 200 African hoes have been donated, along with seeds, other tools, and a selection of livestock.

The progress is visible; many of the community are now clothed, when they initially had only rags, many houses now have corrugated sheet roofs, and children are increasingly beginning to attend school – a new idea to them. The first Batwa girl entered secondary school in 2009, sponsored by Afrinspire.

Afrinspire is now raising funds to buy another portion of land for the Batwa to settle on, as many families still have nowhere that they can call their own. We hope to raise £1000 to buy enough land for 20 people, at a cost of £50 per person. This land will give them security for their family, and allow them to begin farming to feed themselves. Additionally, we would like to buy hoes, jerrycans, buckets and seeds for the communities. African hoes are critical in helping the families to grow crops to become self-reliant, and they cost only £3.